Thursday, April 22, 2010

Eleven Days Later

I'm working on tons of knitting but none I can show, and tons of photography, but also, none I can show. I hope you don't mind more gardening news, that's all I've got at the moment!

L to R, two columns each: 
butternut squash, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, marigolds, peppers, and at the end we have four watermelon and four each of two kinds of pumpkin - none orange! 

I think this Burpee seed starting tray worked pretty well in the sense that it is self watering, and the plastic greenhouse type cover kept everything warm and moist - the first few days.  The seeds germinated (is that the correct term?) almost immediately.  On the negative side, I thought this system would somehow eliminate damping off, but it hasn't.  Also, I can no longer put the lid on because as you see, the plants are too tall!  The peppers are barely out of the dirt and I'm sure they would benefit from the lid.  I have thought about taking all the curcubits out and repotting them or planting them earlier than the peppers and tomatoes.  I'm looking forward to transplanting everything.  I mentioned earlier that you can't plant before Mother's Day here but I'm hoping that we can get the new garden plotted out a week or two before that.  We've had some nice rain the last twenty four hours.  That helps with the reseeding grass project!

We are working on getting our food from local areas.  I have stopped buying avocados, although I love guacomole; they're all shipped in from another country and we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint.  I sure hope we get some California avocados this summer.  And we are using our vote at the check-out lane.  Why?  We watched Food, Inc. and keep seeing things like this article on Larissa's blog.  Just trying to do our part for the world and our kids.  So what's more local than the back yard?!  I'm looking forward to the food this summer!


Thimbleanna said...

Your little plants all look so cute! I never had any luck with seedlings -- I always managed to kill them!

Shawn said...

Wow your seedlings are amazing Karen. (Sweet life in a box) You are going to love growing your own vegetables!!! I haven't bought green peppers since last year, I am just finishing up the peppers I froze last summer. I feel the same way about produce grown out of the country....

Shawn said...

PS I can't wait to see the knitting and photos you can't show yet!! I finished a washcloth yesterday...LOL
Have a great weekend Karen!

KariBeri said...

I put my columbines and marigold into larger planters already. If we get a bad snow I can just move em to the garage till I can put them in the ground. Your garden is going to be lovely!

ranette said...

Sweet little seedlings!

Food, Inc. was a bit eye opening wasn't it?!
I haven't eaten meat in over 20 years because I just knew that I wouldn't be healthy with the stuff (hormones, antibiotics, etc...) they put into our meat supply.

I need to get my hubby to plant some marigolds around the outside of our raised bed...thanks for the reminder!