Saturday, October 30, 2010

Downtown Photoshoots

I had two photoshoots in Denver this week for Bijou Basin Ranch.  (They have some gorgeous new colors coming out - not to mention seriously cute patterns!)  I was happy Natalie was willing and available to model for some of them.  She's got such great camera presence and is really fun to shoot. 

It's kinda funny, this picture; it really was quite cold.  Marly and I were wearing gloves and hats, but Natalie was a sport looking very Spring in some skirts, tank tops, etc.  The pictures came out great; you can see more of them in January when the patterns are published!  Not only did Natalie model, but she brought along tons of fun accessories from her friends at The Sassy Factory.  I loved the plaid bag but we didn't get it into any of our shots.   For some photos with western flair, we took some pictures in front of  Rockmount Ranch Wear and the shop keepers were kind enough to lend us a cowboy hat for a few minutes.

This morning I shot Ashley (also a cute model) in some of the other pieces.  Luckily for her and us, it was much warmer this morning, although I don't know if the people in the Denver Gorilla Run were so happy about that!  (click on the picture for a very slightly better view) 

31° to 76° in two days: I love Denver!


YarnThing said...

It was a lot of fun and I know we got some GREAT shots!

It would have been neat to take some pics with the Gorilla's too for a couple :-)


Anonymous said...

awesome photography as always my friend!

Shawn said...

Natalie is an adorable model and your photography is great as usual, we are supposed to get a hard frost tonight.

Shawn said...

Oh ya I can't wait to see your Halloween costume.....