Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Now If Only I Had a Catchy Title.

New "wreath" for the bathroom.  Someone asked if I decorate every room, and I don't, but I decided to!

As I look back through the more than 30,000 (literally!) pictures I have in my files, there is a distinct lack of images from the holidays and winter. Is it because I like shooting outside, and it is cold during winter? Or is it because of the light? Or lack of inviting scenery? Perhaps it is because I haven’t taken the time to pause and notice the details like I do during other seasons. When I discover a new, beautiful blog, I frequently go back through their archives from Decembers past, hoping for inspiring pictures, and general eye candy. I have been perusing my usual faves this year, hoping for lots of red and green, but there isn’t as much as I expected. Is this because everyone’s keeping secrets ‘til Christmas? I had been thinking about this at the beginning of the season and intended to post pictures of all my best, most fun, most beautiful.

However, I have struggled to get here and post the past couple weeks because the joy is lacking. I have had two or three personal confrontations that have turned defensive. Every time, I was so taken aback. I don’t know how I get so blindsided, and why does this always happen at Christmas? People are always saying how they are stressed out with money, and relatives, and so on. Well I don’t like it! I am not going to take it! Besides this being my holiday along with everyone else, my birthday is next week. And I want to like this month of crafts and surprises and visits. I can’t help that I’m getting old but I really enjoy life and so many things about it. Every day holds wonders. I like having birthdays! So people with mean words coming out of your mouths, step aside. I am not going to hear you anymore this month. There; I just had to “say it out loud.”

I am resolved to declutter my life from commitments I should have said no to, or that are simply too much for today. For one thing, I’ll have more time to make chocolatey cookies with my kids! I’m going to let go of the bitterness I have that my Photoshop is no longer compatible with my operating system. I’m not going to feel guilty if people give me weird things for gifts, especially strangers. Gifts don’t always define love. Sometimes they are just supposed to be fun. Sometimes it is a bridge from someone who doesn’t really know you, but wishes they did.

I don’t like whiney bloggers. I think that negativity begets negativity. But, I do enjoy a funny rant, and sometimes, I need to be informed. It’s got to be clever, succinct or to a point. So my point? I know the meaning of Christmas: Jesus loves me.

I’m just going to laugh out loud when they least expect it. Maybe that will remind someone nearby that life is FUN. And I invite you to do it too.

PS Natalie, I love shopping for you. I never know what to buy you, but it makes me appreciate all the aqua things and orange things and sparkly things that I don’t usually look at :).


Anonymous said...

This is the reason I like reading your posts and you as a person. Your honesty.


Thimbleanna said... sorry about all the negativity going on now -- I hope it will improve in a hurry. I know just what you mean about the gifts, etc. When I was in my bookgroup, we always had a gift exchange. Each year, the person giving the gift would give a little speech about the gift and the recipient. The speeches to me had subliminal groans. You know -- "I didn't know what to get" kind of stuff. 'Cause they didn't know me. So I did what you did. It's gone. I don't go anymore and I'm SO relieved. I don't even think about it anymore -- yipee!

Hugs and wishes for a HAPPY Birthday and Christmas season!

StarSpry said...

What a cute wreath! I'm sorry to hear about the negativity that's going on around you right now. But, I think you have a great attitude and are moving in the right direction! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday next week and a wonderful Christmas :)

Sybil said...

I think that this time of year affects many people negatively. Take a long walk and hug a dog - that always works for me.

cheryl said...

Loved your blog entry. Good reminder for everyone out there to take time to enjoy Christmas and to remember what it is all about. It sounds like you are doing a great job at just that.

Stephanie D. said...

Hear, hear! Keep filling that mayonnaise jar!

And a very Merry Birthday and Happy Christmas! lol

ultramanj said...

Can someone explain the mayonnaise jar thing to me?