Monday, January 28, 2013


If you've never been to Colorado, you might think it's mostly cold and snowy.  It's not; we have one of the highest percentages of sunny days in a year.  You might think everyone drives a four-wheel-drive vehicle.  We don't.  Most of us have one 4x4, but many people with only one car don't, and never need that feature.   This year, our January has been really warm and dry; in fact, yesterday my little family all went to the park without coats, though I wished I'd brought my hat!  Today, it's snowing.  I'm home with no where to go, and nothing that must get done except dinner, and I think I'll have time to knit.  And possibly crochet. 

My favorite thing about snow is the sound.  Yes, snow has a sound.  Sometimes you can hear it landing on things, but mostly it sounds like the opposite of noise.  Does that make sense?  It's the best I can do to describe it.  Snow and Solitude are friends. 


Miss Jean said...

The snow here is hypnotic-I could stand and watch it for hours. It is just so peaceful. Then it's gone. We have the best of both worlds as it doesn't stick around long. If it does snow hard, you know it will all be cleared up in a couple days.

Candace said...

Having lived in Colorado - I totally agree! When I first moved there I thought it would snow all the time and then came to love how much sunshine there was! Gorgeous pic, Karen! Maybe the boys can actually go sledding?