Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I keep waiting for life to get simpler, but it doesn't.  I'm also waiting for spring. Hopefully, that's right around the corner. 


Thimbleanna said...

I gave up on a simpler life a long time ago. You think it will get easier when your kids are gone -- don't want to depress you, but you'll be just as busy! I'm not giving up on spring though -- especially when I see a beautiful picture like yours!

Miss Jean said...

I thought things would be simpler when we retired. Not! Just slow down and appreciate each day for what it brings. They go way too fast.

Spring? Not here, not yet!

Candace said...

Just think how bored you might be if life was simpler, Karen ;>) Love the Hyacinth - we saw some just poking up in Napa recently!

StarSpry said...

What a beautiful photo! I hope things are going well. It looks like we might have better weather by the weekend :)