Sunday, April 21, 2013

Getting back to normal?

Long story short (never thought I'd say that here!), I have not wanted to blog much, lately.  Sometimes I wanted to and I couldn't get to it.  I like my blog to be full of light and joy, and in the moments I could see the light and joy, I was too busy to blog.  Face it, I slog through January and February, and parts of March, to get to Spring. 

So here I am, getting back to normal.  The past year, I have done a lot of things I didn't expect, like going to all the Stitches conventions and finally making some good money as a knitter or / and photographer.  When I have late night calls to my hotel room from tearful little hearts, it makes me reexamine what's driving me.  I know in my heart that the number one job I have is wife / mother.  (They are not the same job, but they are pretty hard to separate, most of the time.)  I also know that having something new to learn, to contribute to, to be proud of, outside of my family unite, gives me more to give back to my family.  Anyway, it's been an interesting year.  I've become a better traveler, and since my family has not traveled much, I hope to push them all out into the world more, and I know my experiences will allow me to be a better guide!  I like to think I am also contributing more to my LYS.  

Around here, I am recovering from a week that included travel, a broken washing machine, a computer virus, and more dental work.  Not to mention tons of snow and gray skies, and all the tragedies we've had (like Boston and Texas.)  Today, it has been mostly warm and sunny, and we went out and took stock of the yard and garden.  Those lovely heralds of spring I love, the marsh marigold, the chives, the allium, were all peeking out.  Looking back through my pictures from last year, I realized that a year ago, I had armloads of lilacs.  They are not out yet this year, I guess Someone told them it was not time yet.  

I have tons of things I could tell you, about my most recent trip, my most recent projects, etc., but I will save them for another post (hopefully soon!) 


Thursday, April 4, 2013


I have a lot of things to say, as always, just not always time to sit and sort it out.