Sunday, June 23, 2013

#2. Make some macarons.

7535 macarons #1

Hey, technically we're only three days into summer, aren't we?  From my "10 things to do this summer" list, I'm pleased to say, I can cross something off!  That is, #2. Make some macarons.  

I used the recipe at Brave Tart, and read the referenced blog post at eatlivetravelwrite, and made some macarons!  I did not find that they were difficult, I think primarily due to the fact that I've made meringue before.  I made my own "almond meal" by grinding up almonds very finely in the food processor, but otherwise followed the recipe to the letter - including weighing the ingredients!  I didn't end up with the elegant foot that the cookies are supposed to have, they definitely aren't perfect.  However, I do see there are some things that could be done slightly better next time:

~ Next time, look into finding some actual almond meal.  Or if not, investigate blanching, and grinding a little more thoroughly.
~ I would indeed beat the meringue batter just a pinch longer.  If I hadn't been in such a hurry to get to the end product, I would have realized it was not quite ready.
~ It's time to buy some real pastry bags.
~ I would not go round and round with the batter to make the cookies.  On my third sheet, I just started in the middle and blobbed up a bunch of batter, and those are the ones that looked the best.

I filled them with my standard chocolate buttercream recipe, as the Brave Tart had recommended not doing anything fancy with flavors the first time out.  By fall, perhaps I'll have some lavender macarons under my belt.  In the end what matters is that I have a nice picture, right? wink-wink
How are you doing are your summer projects?


Susan said...

Wow! Impressive!

Thimbleanna said...

Well, THAT was fast! At this rate, you'll have your list done by the 4th LOL.

Almond flour is expensive. I've been itching to try macaroons again since I tasted the salted caramel -- it was to. die. for. Must find a recipe!

Candace said...

Oh gosh - I wish I could eat that right off the monitor, Karen! I've been wanting to try them and now you've given me a reason to make them! Have you ever tried using a plastic bag as a pastry bag? Just snip off one end and squeeze!

StarSpry said...

Your macarons look delicious! I think you did an awesome job on your first attempt :)