Saturday, June 8, 2013

Garden Update - Early June 2013

At the moment, we've got lots of herbs, some flowers, and the beginnings of future fruits and veggies.

I'm very pleased to see that my Red Hobbit is back after a two-year absence.  I wonder if it got mowed over, or perhaps it just needed a break.

IMG_5178My first clematis (Niobe) looks the best it ever has, though it has never filled out like my mother-in-law's.

My peonies look like they'll finally fill a vase this year!
Equally wonderful in food as it is fragrant to brush past, buying a second lemon thyme was a good idea!  

And we have blossoms on several plants.

I'm hoping to squeeze a potato plant in somewhere.  We may also do a second planting of some items that don't seem to have taken / are recommended to plant again / the cat dug up.

I was wondering why nothing was growing in the center of the left-most bed, and then it hit me.  I didn't plant anything there!  One last trip to the local nursery and we have our first ever tomatillo and a roma tomato.  

Yesterday, I made a watermelon salsa (so much better than it sounds!) and used basil and mint from the garden.  Maybe the next time it'll include our home-grown peppers, cucumbers and onions.  I'll let you know!


Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- your flowers are just beautiful Karen. Could that first flower be a biannual maybe? I've always loved your cute little fenced garden!

Candace said...

Oh Karen, your Red Hobbit Columbine is gorgeous! Could be it hasn't been around due to crazy weather - they can do that. The rest of your garden is stunning, too! Too funny that you hadn't planted anything in one raised bed! You'll get miles and miles out of both the Roma tomato and tomatillo!