Saturday, August 24, 2013

greens from the garden


I went to my local local grocer's to buy local cucumbers.  Of course, we canned them!  I find that pickles are one of the easiest things to put up, although the vinegar smell does linger in the house.  This is my most requested canned good item, from friends and husband, and BFJ opened the last jar of last year's pickles a week or two ago.  I don't want to have a disappointed spouse for the next year so I stopped and got some cucumbers.  I actually planted what I thought would be a bed of cucumbers, but it turns out that only two or three of the plants are actually producing cucumbers, while another two are producing what appear to be mutant pumpkin hybrids.  And I'm not sure what happened to the rest of the plants I thought I had.  Sad.  The lemon cucs are doing better but are in the corners of the other beds.

The jalapenos and other peppers and goodies did come from my garden, though, and I did make a couple small jars of home-grown stuff.  I'm not sure how the lemon cucumbers will serve (bet you can tell which one that is!)  My mother-in-law brought a jar's worth of cucumbers last week, as well.  

We had pesto and grilled chicken last night - a family favorite, yum, yum.  It goes fast!  

Shown:  basil pesto, dill, tomatillo, two zucchinis, lemon cucumber, three jalapenos, two pablano peppers, and one runty cucumber from the garden.  Even runty, the homegrown cucumbers are delicious!   


Stephanie D said...

I've never put up pickles, but then, this is the first year I've planted cucumbers. They did okay for a while, but we had twice the amount of rain in 6 months than we had all last year, so even in my raised bed garden, they petered out for lack of sunshine. And let's don't even mention the tomatoes and peppers.

However, the Greek columnar basil I planted has far surpassed the regular basil, so I'm planning on making lots of pesto this year!

Candace said...

Nice haul, Karen! I can't seem to grow cukes here for the life of me and how I love dill pickles! Hmm...wonder if you can carve the mutant pumpkin hybrids - you'll have the scariest house on the block!

Thimbleanna said...

Such a fun GREEN picture! It looks like you've had good garden production this year, in spite of the lacking cucumbers!