Saturday, September 14, 2013

flooding in Colorado

A few friends have written to ask if we are okay, in regards to the flooding in Colorado.  At the moment, everyone I know and love is fine and safe.  We are expecting more rain today, though!  Lots of games and outdoor activities have been cancelled, and there are road closures.  Some of our teachers could not get to school yesterday.  

I tried to upload some pictures to Flickr but apparently Flickr's having some issues.  I'll just upload a couple to here.  This is our nearby creek.  Nearby as in we can walk to it, but it's still a few blocks away.  In the first one, the creek is usually the part of the water that is beyond the big tree on the right.  

Here's a bridge the boys like to ride their bikes across!

But like I said, we're all safe!!


Candace said...

Yikes! For a creek, that's a lot of water, Karen! I've seen more photos and videos this morning from Estes and also Weld County where I lived as well - unbelievable! I'm glad everyone is safe but the cleanup ahead is going to be monumental!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow. So glad you are all safe. It sounds like the damage out there has been unbelievable. So Sad. ;-(

Rebekah said...

oh my! I'm so glad your family is safe!