Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Things We Put in Jars

I think I might finally be done with canning for this season.  We didn't do as much of any one thing as we've done in previous years - like back when I only did apple butter, when I got a box of peaches from my mother-in-law, or when I bought a bushel of cucumbers.  But we did a bit of each, and a lot from home and local friends or farms.  I did have to buy peaches and apples at the store.  

spiced peach preserves - I always forget the cardamom, but I love that you can see the little vanilla beans.  

bread and butter pickles, by request

And finally, some raspberry jam - we separated the gold from the red, since they cost more.  What's the point of getting them if  you mash them into the reds??   The general consensus is that they do taste sweeter / better than the reds we picked at the berry farm, although our own red bush is sweeter than those as well.  We ended up with four small jars of gold raspberry jam, so we'll save those for a special Christmas treat.  

I also canned a bunch of dill pickles but apparently I didn't take any pictures.  Dills are speared and bread & butters are sliced.  That makes it easier to figure out what they are, in case I label them wrong - and sometimes I do, but usually just one before I figure it out!!

I have been doing a LOT of knitting, but more on that next time?