Saturday, July 11, 2015

knitting and all the things I do in a summer...

Recently it was noted that I don't do a good job of keeping up on my blog.  So true.  And I really love my blog.  It has been a pivotal project in my creative life.  As a stay-at-home-mom with three very small boys, I felt isolated from other artsy-crafters when I began this blog, and isolated from friends in general.  And then I discovered blogging, and suddenly my world opened up.  This new-found world also changed how I viewed my photography - both literally and philosophically.  And unlike many other bloggers, I've never not wanted to blog, I've never wanted to stop.  I just... get busy.  I actually got so busy, I forgot my new password for awhile - yikes!  

A little of what I've got going on...  Knitting like crazy, of course.  I just finished a hat design for a friend, which turned into a pattern, just in time for a deadline.  After that, I finished a smoke ring (cowl) design, which I want to keep, but won't.  Just before that, I test knitted a beautiful cabled project for another designer, and it will be gift someday soon-ish.  

I recently began collecting my knitting swatches as I stumble across them while straightening, and they've become a pretty little stack.  I've been enamored with collections, actually, for quite awhile, so imagine my delight when I discovered I have a new one!  

My garden is a bit better this year than last; my boys are growing up.  We've been all over the western United States this year - Seattle, San Diego, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, Utah, Arizona!  But you know; there's no place like home.  I read a whole book in a weekend!  I faced a major disappointment.  And I have had time to savor friendships. 

I look forward to sharing more about all these things.  For now, though, they're just little swatches of stories in my head.  More soon!  


Susan Schmitt said...

That many places? Well if you weren't driving you must have accomplished a lot of knitting on the road.
I too have three boys - all grown up. Honestly thats not true. They never grow up!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Karen -- you've been a busy girl this summer. It's so nice to see you back -- hopefully it's a new habit again. Love the swatch picture -- do you have plans for them?