Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Change & Transition

Wow, I did not even post once a month, last year.  At the close of 2015, I was trying to wrap up some Christmas knitting - didn't happen, some commissioned knitting - didn't happen.  I usually have the Christmas tree down before New Year's...  Took two weeks before that happened.  I feel like I am just getting back on my feet after the holidays.  Those few days between New Year's and school starting up again leave me feeling like I am standing in a queue, waiting for Routine to kick in again.  So finally, I feel like we've pushed past the beginning of the year! 

One thing I did manage to finish is the 115 in 2015 photo challenge on Flickr.  Finally.  Only took me four years to get one of those lists done!  You can check out my whole set here.  I do not love them all; I struggled with Addiction - ha, that's funny.  I had something specific in mind, but it seemed kind of weird to find someone that I could photograph with an addiction, and talk them into letting me take some pictures of that.  I hate the row of clunky, garish machines.  So honestly, there are a few that don't really reflect my aesthetic as an artist, but I wanted to challenge myself, and I did.  Here are a couple I do really like:

On a different note, the local yarn shop where I learned to knit, made lots of friends, and have been teaching for a few years, is going out of business.  It is sad.  It's very sad for my community, and for my friend that owns the shop, and it is sad for me.  But I will be alright.  This will change my schedule, and the frame around how I think of knitting (which patterns I write, which projects I start) but I am planning to hold onto the holes this change creates, and not let them get filled back in with Busy. 

I have some new opportunities in photography; recently, I licensed several of my photographs, including the fence post above, to be used for greeting cards!  I'm just getting my feet wet with that, so don't have a lot to share just yet.   

I am working on some new knitting designs...  I will let you know what develops!  I am REALLY looking forward to my gardening.  First seeds to be planted in February, so now is the time to make sure we have what we need for the first round.  I read an interesting little article on planting corn in "hills" so maybe... just maybe.  

So til next time, what do you like about the new year??