Monday, September 15, 2008

Corn Silk

Hey, there's something growing here after all!

We started the kids' garden very late, like a few weeks into June. I had been promising them their own garden and then when we moved the main veggie garden, I didn't know where anything would grow. I had already decided that I was going to let them plant, water, and everything on their own even if they drowned their plants. I also said they could pick ANY seeds they wanted. They picked watermelon, cantelope, and corn. I don't think we'll be getting any melons; their garden ended up under the tree, sort of. I was not expecting anything to flourish but I hoped that they'd at least be able to see growth. Now we actually have some corn silk so I guess that means ears of corn!
If you've ever read stories about Squanto helping the pilgrims plant corn, it talks about him planting the kernels with fish, so we tried that. My dad caught several little fish - three to four inches each, and we put them in the corn rows. I will have to revisit that story when we harvest the corn!

Here's a picture from July, the kids' garden is within the stumps which BFJ set up for them to walk around on. I think the stumps shaded the melons too much (little sprouts on the left) considering they had a lot of shade most of the day anyway. Well, another lesson learned. Anyway, I am glad we will have some little ears of corn to check out.


Stephanie D. said...

Oh, how cute! I've never attempted corn before--that puts the kids ahead of me on the gardening scale. Wish they could get their melons, too.

Sara said...

I think their garden looks great and I hope they do get some corn. Ours didn't grow very well either so I can sympathize with them!