Thursday, September 18, 2008

Happy Friday

Here we are, the last few days of summer. I might get out and do some yardwork. Who knows?!! As you can see, we've still got a few stray items growing in the gardens.

For homework, Speed was to find a picture of something that started with "N" so he just drew his own: Nana.

I have lots of baskets and projects still in the queue for my long weekend. Luckily, my own dear grandmother left behind a box of threads, so no matter what color combination I come up with, I'm covered!
Did I tell you I am taking a knitting class in a couple of weeks? I am so excited, I had to buy some needles. My first pair! (I paid less than that.) And they are so cute; even if I somehow manage not to learn anything in my knitting class, I will have to find a use for them.


Stephanie D. said...

Where I used to get handfuls of cherry tomatoes off my bush, I now get a couple every other day or so.

Guess fall is coming. (sigh)

Don't you just love baskets of spools and thimbles and buttons? When I hit estate sales, that's what I go looking for every time.

Nana said...

Bless Speed's little heart - I am honored! Thanks! Give him a hug from Nana!

I love fall & enjoy every minute & every color - beautifully captured in Short Story Long! THANKS!