Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I'm a Knitter!

I went to my first knitting class last night. We learned casting on, the knit stitch, and some of us learned to purl. I have to admit, I couldn't wait for last night, so learned some of this stuff online last week. There is a wealth of information on the web!

This reminds me. I was at a meeting of medical professionals last week (I'm there in a clerical capacity only) and one doctor said that they need a forum for colleagues to share information online. She said, "My daughter is a photographer, and she belongs to a couple of different groups that are amazingly generous with information about their profession." I think you can say that about a lot of artists, in general. Case in point,
Ayumills, who was kind enough to post the instructions for the fabric baskets, as well as Tiennie. She's obviously got her own busy life, and doesn't know me, but took the time to answer some of my knitting questions. And there are many more free tips, pointers, give-aways, patterns, etc. out there. What a great community, the crafting world!!

So back to knitting, I found a pattern online and am making a hat. I must also make note of
this Karen; she mentioned in a recent blog that she bought needles that were like "knitting with butter." I asked her which those were, and she was kind enough to respond. (Boy, are they.) In our class, we're making a hat, and I am knitting a hat on the side, as well. I'm hoping they fit great and all the little boys (six, at least) in my family may be getting hats for Christmas. Yes, I am going to be that kooky aunt. Hopefully, my color choices will not be too kooky for them. At least the three boys that belong to me are looking forward to hats.

Happy last day of September!


Sara said...

That looks great! My mom knits, and I love the stuff she knits for me - even my hat! My boys (teens) are asking for hats with ear flaps this year!

Nana said...

Yes, looks like you are doing a great job! Time for a trip to the Knit Knack shop! Do you or your readers know some good websites for crocheting ideas?

Stephanie D. said...

Way to go!! I can crochet, but can't work two needles together at the same time. Too clumsy.

So I'm no knitter, but your stitches look really even and tight to me.

I'm glad it's as much fun as you hoped it would be!

Karen said...

I am sure your hats will be well received and very speedily done on those new knitting needles!