Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Night Update

BFJ's parents grow grapes.
Countdown to October.
Is it just me, or do you find yourself looking forward to the next thing, instead of enjoying this one? I try to remember to enjoy today, be in the moment. You never know how many you have left. Sometimes you just don't want to be in the moment you're in, though. I think crafting can exaggerate the feeling. I've got all these Christmas plans in my head already, things I hope I can make and do before it's here. And that's not what Christmas is about!! So I am trying to enjoy September, while it is still here. It has been a nice month. We still have peppers growing, tomatoes, herbs, the pumpkins are turning orange. What's not to like?

One thing we often do at our house to savor the day is "worst/best" at the dinner table. It's basically "high/low," if you've ever seen
The Story of Us. I thought worst/best would be easier for the little guys to track, but I'm actually not sure that the little one gets "worst." Sometimes he says, "My worst thing today is eating dinner." Hmmm. On the other hand, maybe that is the worst thing he's had to do all day. Lucky him, no?

My worst thing today was cutting up raw chicken. Blech. Not so bad, in the grand scheme of things, though, I know.
Hard to pick a best: finding that $9.22 that my checkbook has been out of balance for a month; talking with BFJ in the car this morning; epiphanies in church; neighbor Shannon giving me free, leftover iris that she found on Craigslist; guacamole and Coke for dinner (there was other stuff, too);
Rosemary and Thyme by myself in the dark.

I'm looking forward to Monday night knitting class! But only after the worst and best of Monday.

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Candace said...

Hi Karen, I think I might try the worst/best with my husband at dinner tonight - could be interesting! We've watched the entire Rosemary & Thyme series together - loved it - along with a whole other list of British mystery series - why is it they can do those so well!