Monday, November 3, 2008

Benches and Yardwork

(I'm here avoiding grocery shopping.)

This weekend, BFJ and I got out to do some yardwork. He worked on raking up leaves and cleaning out gutters; I worked on cleaning up my garden, taking down tomato ladders and so on. First, we both had to get gloves. I lost my favorite
gardening gloves in the tomato fields at Miller Farm. The Bruise voted for purple, so I got purple ones this time. They should be easy to spot!

While we were at the gardening store, I also got an allium, which I've been wanting forever. At least all summer. (Yikes, I got mine for a bargain, it looks like!) So of course, I had to dig a hole. So while I was digging, I might as well move some of the grass around my rosebush, which is inconvenient to mow around. So while I am digging up grass, I might as well move it to a bare spot. So I had to dig another hole. So while I was digging, BFJ might as well dig too, and remove that other rosebush I tried unsuccessfully to dig up last spring. By then, it was time to have dinner, and since I haven't gotten to my bi-weekly grocery trip yet, I had to run and get something quick. I went to the store with mud all over my pants and arms. Hopefully, no one noticed. Or if they did, they probably just thought, "Oh, she must be planting bulbs." And I still need to plant my tulips! But I have the perfect place, so hopefully BFJ will be in the mood to dig some more when he gets home from work.

Someone asked me about the bench my dad made, which you can see a bit of in this picture I have previously posted: What with everything dying around the yard, or being muddy, I didn't have a cute, shady place to take a full picture, so this will have to do - it is currently in the shed. It has a spot in the garden, but there was this rascally rosebush growing up in the middle of it. (I thought I dug that up last spring... )
My dad made this bench for me last spring but is now selling them at craft shows and for custom orders. If you are interested in a bench (George) I will give you his address. I am hoping to take some to my local garden store next spring. His are much nicer than the ones they currently have around their grounds.


Candace said...

Isn't it funny how digging one hole leads to another and another and another! I love garden "dirt"! The bench is gorgeous, Karen! I wish we weren't so far away, or I would have your dad make one, but am afraid the shipping costs would do us in - maybe when we drive thru someday we can coordinate with him to make one and pick it up! Love the new blog head picture! Cheers!

audreypawdrey said...

That bench is beautiful! Good for you to stay on top of your gardening.:)