Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Break and Other Funny Stuff

Last week, it was mostly sunny and warm, reaching into the 80s. I went to the local nursery and bought some annuals. As I was checking out, the nursery worker asked, "Will you be keeping these inside for a few weeks?" as if to imply that I was buying them too soon. I think the really question is, why are they selling them if I shouldn't be buying them? I just politely told her that I was potting them up and would be able to bring them inside, should there be another snow. Because, it's April, and as we both knew, of course there will be. Over the weekend, the weather turned stormy, and today we woke up to... snow. Luckily, BFJ had brought my pots in last night.

He told me there was a big branch on the ground but he moved it before I could get a good picture, so here's a bad one of the branch in two parts, under a different tree:

Notice how there is lots of grass showing. It's warm enough for the snow to melt when it doesn't pile up, but I saw lots of branches on the ground as we drove to school. Here below, you can see my feeble attempt (my red Tub Trug) to protect my recently relocated clematis from damage. By now (1:50 p.m.) the snow has completely stopped and rooftops are dripping. It should be in the 70s by Wednesday.

Yesterday, we went across town to the church I grew up in for their final service. They are closing the doors. It was kind of a sad occassion, but as the District Superintendant noted, the way to keep an apple for 100 years is to plant it, and many seeds have been planted here. Here's a favorite shot from the day, Grandpa and the Bruise.

I think my family, and friends from this church make up the primary readership of my blog, (although I do love you internet friends I've made, too!) As we were enjoying pot luck with old friends, I had a request for more "kids say the funniest things" moments, so I'll try to include some of those. So for Jeanne, today's lunch prayer:

"Henley Foddah, I hope Grandpa has fun during surgery. Amen."

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Momma Pictures

I've always wanted to take some maternity photos and finally today I got the chance! Here's my cute friend and her husband...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Random Review Friday: Two Good Movies

I have been wanting to have Random Review Friday for awhile now, and here I am finally getting to it. It's not going to be every week, and it's not going to be the same topic every week, but I just want to tell you about some things I enjoy, because good things should be passed on. So without further ado:

Two Good Movies:
Bottle Shock
BFJ picked this movie up at the rental store because of Alan Rickman, and it sounded interesting; it's also got a great cast. This movie is based on real events: the struggle of American vintners to become recognized at their craft. A great movie for the wine connoisseur, obviously, but the David vs. Goliath storyline appeals to all us "little guys", doesn't it?

I've Loved You So Long
I'm happy to say that the first movie I ever saw with BFJ was a small, independent film by the name of
Red (Trois Coleurs: Rouge). Don't get me wrong, I love a good movie and there's a reason why some are blockbusters, but there's just something I love about seeing a great movie that the general public missed. Sometimes art sneaks up on you.

I've had my eye on this movie for awhile, but hadn't had a chance to check it out until recently. It does have a moral dilemma that not all will agree with, but a tremendous story about love, in ways you will not expect. The two main performances were excellent. I stumbled across the song mentioned in the movie, which I had never heard before, on someone's blog. It rang in my head for several days. (You can also hear it here, although this clip is from a different movie.) One warning about this movie: it's in french, so if you don't speak french, you'll have to read subtitles.

Now I don't want to oversell these because, in my experience, raving on and on about something leads to expectations that can't be met. So I'm just going to tell you that stuff in Random Review Fridays gets my recommendation. If it sounds interesting to you then maybe you should try something new.


On a completely different note, we have a LOT of snow here. Well actually, we don't have a lot of snow; it's warm enough in our neighborhood that the snow is really wet and not piling up. However, Colorado in general is getting hammered, and my loved ones in the mountains, specifically. Here are pictures from my mom and aunt (two different locations):

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Over the Weekend

I spent all Saturday reshooting some photos. HOW FRUSTRATING. I hate it when pictures don't come out as clients expect. On the other hand, I did some pictures for Marly, who gave me complete artistic freedom, and they turned out just as planned:

Marly Socks

Gerri Hat

... both modeled by my lovely and helpful sister. You can get patterns on Marly's website, if you are interested.

Sunday was Easter, of course, and we spent some nice time at church and with both families.

I am also test knitting for Marly. Hey, I'm trusted with someone else's projects! And Marly knows my skills pretty well; I must not be too bad. I am making some Dual Cable Fingerless Gloves, companions to her Dual Cable Hat. I am knitting with some Bijou Basin yarn. It didn't occur to me until I had been working for hours just how nice it really is to knit with. No sore finger. I have one cuff done, working on the second; the rest should go pretty quick. Hey no problem, I mean, I have til next Monday, for crying out loud.

Yesterday, we spent the morning with friends and BFJ is now a godfather! Here he is, getting to know his young friend better.

Since he had the day off, we got some yardwork done in the afternoon. I rearranged my veggie beds and turned over a lot of soil. BFJ had actually turned it all over for me a few weeks ago, not realizing that changes were in the works. It made things a lot easier for me, though. I can't believe the giant worms we have! The boys love to pick them up, I'm just glad they are helping out in the garden. The beds are all ready for some veggies, but it will be a few more works before it's time to plant, here. We are still expecting a storm or two in the next week, and you really can't count on being past killing frosts in Colorado until after Mother's Day, at the earliest. Hurray for chives, lending some green.

And finally some quilting. Yes, I still quilt, can you believe it? Candace, here's my big ~BLECH~ I was telling you about. I was going to wait to post this til I had a solution, but this is my second attempt with the same result. I have been working on this quilt for my sad little friend, above, but alas! it is puckered. This is really as flat as it gets. No wonder she's crying. I used this block (Grandmother's Fan) in my mom's quilt, and loved how it went together. I don't know what went wrong, here. If you have a suggestion, please let me know. I don't know whether to scrap it, or if there is a simple fix. What do you think??

I made her a doll, instead. This one turned out even better than the first.

Unfortunately, I haven't caught a lot of baseball. Perhaps that is just as well, though I enjoyed Saturday and Sunday when we were .750.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Here's the finished project; not the best picture, but I like my string of pennants! I think I'll make a red, blue, and white one.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little by Little

Little by little, I am trying to get stuff done. Sometimes if feels like I am just crawling along. I made so many gifts last December (which I really did enjoy), not to mention everything else I tried to do, that I just really didn't get to relish the meaningful parts of the holidays as much as I usually do. In order to keep that from happening again this year, I have decided to start on Christmas gifts now. I have one little project all done, which is just sort of an extra, but it's meaningful, and I meant to have it done last year. I also have an actual, neato gift, but you'll have to wait 'til January to see it!

Then there's all the stuff that goes along with this season. I have a couple of things in mind to do for Easter (won't I get so much out of it with just three days left? On the other hand, three days can mean a lot...) And there's also the pile of seeds on my dresser, just waiting for little homes.

Well, here's what I've actually managed to accomplish recently:
I've finished my doll. I confess I did not follow the pattern, hence the poor little legs; this girl will never be able to walk. But I do love her face, and I am looking forward to more embroidering. It's almost like I don't have enough projects started, eh!?

This little dolly is going to a little friend, and her little brother is getting a new hat. I made him one last year, and his mother said he's outgrown it, and could he have a new one? Of course, I couldn't resist the implied flattery in that request. I find it ironic that this very cheap yarn (I LOVE This Yarn - that's the name, I'm just telling you,) is some of my favorite to work with. It is SO soft.

Oh. I have also managed to get to my yearly (seems like it, anyway) ironing day, and knocked off half the pile. The sad part is that my boys have outgrown several things in the basket. I guess they'll have to go in the memory quilt pile. Because, I need another project.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009