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Over the Weekend

I spent all Saturday reshooting some photos. HOW FRUSTRATING. I hate it when pictures don't come out as clients expect. On the other hand, I did some pictures for Marly, who gave me complete artistic freedom, and they turned out just as planned:

Marly Socks

Gerri Hat

... both modeled by my lovely and helpful sister. You can get patterns on Marly's website, if you are interested.

Sunday was Easter, of course, and we spent some nice time at church and with both families.

I am also test knitting for Marly. Hey, I'm trusted with someone else's projects! And Marly knows my skills pretty well; I must not be too bad. I am making some Dual Cable Fingerless Gloves, companions to her Dual Cable Hat. I am knitting with some Bijou Basin yarn. It didn't occur to me until I had been working for hours just how nice it really is to knit with. No sore finger. I have one cuff done, working on the second; the rest should go pretty quick. Hey no problem, I mean, I have til next Monday, for crying out loud.

Yesterday, we spent the morning with friends and BFJ is now a godfather! Here he is, getting to know his young friend better.

Since he had the day off, we got some yardwork done in the afternoon. I rearranged my veggie beds and turned over a lot of soil. BFJ had actually turned it all over for me a few weeks ago, not realizing that changes were in the works. It made things a lot easier for me, though. I can't believe the giant worms we have! The boys love to pick them up, I'm just glad they are helping out in the garden. The beds are all ready for some veggies, but it will be a few more works before it's time to plant, here. We are still expecting a storm or two in the next week, and you really can't count on being past killing frosts in Colorado until after Mother's Day, at the earliest. Hurray for chives, lending some green.

And finally some quilting. Yes, I still quilt, can you believe it? Candace, here's my big ~BLECH~ I was telling you about. I was going to wait to post this til I had a solution, but this is my second attempt with the same result. I have been working on this quilt for my sad little friend, above, but alas! it is puckered. This is really as flat as it gets. No wonder she's crying. I used this block (Grandmother's Fan) in my mom's quilt, and loved how it went together. I don't know what went wrong, here. If you have a suggestion, please let me know. I don't know whether to scrap it, or if there is a simple fix. What do you think??

I made her a doll, instead. This one turned out even better than the first.

Unfortunately, I haven't caught a lot of baseball. Perhaps that is just as well, though I enjoyed Saturday and Sunday when we were .750.


  1. wonderful photos! I can't believe your mad knitting skills either where you can even think of being done by Monday with gloves. That is awesome!

    The doll is adorable and I don't know how to help with the quilt. When that has happened to me, my middle section was shorter than the sashing strips I sewed on either side.

  2. Oooh, those lime green socks look super delicious (haha). As for your puckering problem, do you think it will quilt out???

  3. Hey Karen - I'm with Thimbleanna - I think it just might quilt out! Another friend had the same problem and it turned out she had one too many "dresden's" have you re-counted? - LOL!
    I love the photo of your BFJ - when a fellow can smile while holding an unhappy baby - well - he's just the best!
    Wow - and your knitting - I think you went from novice to pro in record time!


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