Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little by Little

Little by little, I am trying to get stuff done. Sometimes if feels like I am just crawling along. I made so many gifts last December (which I really did enjoy), not to mention everything else I tried to do, that I just really didn't get to relish the meaningful parts of the holidays as much as I usually do. In order to keep that from happening again this year, I have decided to start on Christmas gifts now. I have one little project all done, which is just sort of an extra, but it's meaningful, and I meant to have it done last year. I also have an actual, neato gift, but you'll have to wait 'til January to see it!

Then there's all the stuff that goes along with this season. I have a couple of things in mind to do for Easter (won't I get so much out of it with just three days left? On the other hand, three days can mean a lot...) And there's also the pile of seeds on my dresser, just waiting for little homes.

Well, here's what I've actually managed to accomplish recently:
I've finished my doll. I confess I did not follow the pattern, hence the poor little legs; this girl will never be able to walk. But I do love her face, and I am looking forward to more embroidering. It's almost like I don't have enough projects started, eh!?

This little dolly is going to a little friend, and her little brother is getting a new hat. I made him one last year, and his mother said he's outgrown it, and could he have a new one? Of course, I couldn't resist the implied flattery in that request. I find it ironic that this very cheap yarn (I LOVE This Yarn - that's the name, I'm just telling you,) is some of my favorite to work with. It is SO soft.

Oh. I have also managed to get to my yearly (seems like it, anyway) ironing day, and knocked off half the pile. The sad part is that my boys have outgrown several things in the basket. I guess they'll have to go in the memory quilt pile. Because, I need another project.


Candace said...

She's so adorable, Karen - and even has freckles like you!

Kristina said...

Yay! Your doll came out so cute! I think her legs are perfect (and I'm not just saying that since I tried to help out with the measurements!) Good for you getting your projects done. I haven't even started writing down which projects I need to get done. I need to get like Pam on The Office and make a list!