Monday, April 27, 2009

Spring Break and Other Funny Stuff

Last week, it was mostly sunny and warm, reaching into the 80s. I went to the local nursery and bought some annuals. As I was checking out, the nursery worker asked, "Will you be keeping these inside for a few weeks?" as if to imply that I was buying them too soon. I think the really question is, why are they selling them if I shouldn't be buying them? I just politely told her that I was potting them up and would be able to bring them inside, should there be another snow. Because, it's April, and as we both knew, of course there will be. Over the weekend, the weather turned stormy, and today we woke up to... snow. Luckily, BFJ had brought my pots in last night.

He told me there was a big branch on the ground but he moved it before I could get a good picture, so here's a bad one of the branch in two parts, under a different tree:

Notice how there is lots of grass showing. It's warm enough for the snow to melt when it doesn't pile up, but I saw lots of branches on the ground as we drove to school. Here below, you can see my feeble attempt (my red Tub Trug) to protect my recently relocated clematis from damage. By now (1:50 p.m.) the snow has completely stopped and rooftops are dripping. It should be in the 70s by Wednesday.

Yesterday, we went across town to the church I grew up in for their final service. They are closing the doors. It was kind of a sad occassion, but as the District Superintendant noted, the way to keep an apple for 100 years is to plant it, and many seeds have been planted here. Here's a favorite shot from the day, Grandpa and the Bruise.

I think my family, and friends from this church make up the primary readership of my blog, (although I do love you internet friends I've made, too!) As we were enjoying pot luck with old friends, I had a request for more "kids say the funniest things" moments, so I'll try to include some of those. So for Jeanne, today's lunch prayer:

"Henley Foddah, I hope Grandpa has fun during surgery. Amen."


Candace said...

I always wonder as well, Karen, why the nurseries sell annuals so soon! Seems that if you wait, they are usually gone when you want them! Colorado is certainly having a snowy April! You red tub is a great idea to protect the clematis - the red will also absorb more heat from the sun (if you get any - LOL)!!
Very cute quote - I'll look forward to more of them!

Stephanie D. said...

That's true! Why do they even have them out this time of the year? If they don't sell them, they lose money, but if it's not time to put them out, why sell them and risk a dissatisfied customer? Odd.

audreypawdrey said...

I have wondered why they sell them so early too! When we first moved here, I assumed that if they were for sell then it must be time to plant. That didn't work very well for me that first year.:) It is beautiful outside today!

Thimbleanna said...

Oh, how sad that your church is closing. Are they selling the pews? Maybe you could get a pew -- I've always wanted one.