Sunday, June 21, 2009

Grand Day Out - Part II off to Golden we went. While I was busy buying some Sandy Gervais Crazy Eights fabric, the boys went next door to the Windy Saddle and ordered two pieces of Blueberry French Toast Bread, with powdered sugar and syrup. Here's the bottom half of one piece:
We also passed a Mountain Fest on our way into town, but by the time we got back to seeing what it was all about, they were folding up tents. We walked back to our car through the park where everyone stopped to climb the dragon. About then, it started to rain again, so we really did head home!
And about the time I was getting ready to check out at the quilt store, I realized that I had been wearing my shirt backward. All day.


quiltmom said...

Karen, You must have been too busy to notice about your shirt- Sounds like you had a great time.
Your boys look like it was a special day for them too.

Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha -- you're so funny! It must not have been as offensive as broccoli in your teeth.

Duh -- when you mentioned Denver, I totally didn't make the shopping connection. I had favorite shops to go to when I would visit -- The Tattered Cover was one -- what a fantastic book shop. And there used to be an independent clothing fabric store only a block or two away that I LOVED, but I think they're gone now. I never knew about Golden Quilt Co -- my favorites were The Great American Quilt Co. and Harriet Hargreaves shop (can't remember name). Oooh, and Hammond's Candies!!! ;-)

Candace said...

LOL - toooo funny, Karen! I love Sandy Gervais fabric - so glad you got some of her great Christmas line! And you know - when I was in Golden (ahem) 40 years ago - there were no quilts store!!!

MARCIE said...

Your boys look like they are having fun! And that blueberry stuff! YUM! Looks like you had a great day and good fabric to boot!