Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today, we discovered the first rose of the season! It's off my Folksinger rosebush. This rose is between the peony and the allium, and with the lavender growing there, it is a nice little spot in the yard with soft color and fragrances. I think next year I'll add more alliums, more peonies, more lavender. The pea pods are growing! We counted nine. Here are my helpers, pointing one out for you:

I still like the blossoms.
I was planning to grow just about everything from seed this year, but I never got around to starting them. Although, I did get around to buying the seeds so hopefully they'll still be viable next year. I ended up buying fewer plants than I would have had if I'd started my own seeds, but it's been a busy spring, and I'm sure they will do. In the past two weeks, we've planted three butternut squash, two cucumbers, two more peppers (we already have two,) moved some borage, a couple more tomatoes, and another lavender. Oh, we also planted zucchini, and a yellow summer squash, because BFJ's friend Mr. St.G. specifically asked if I was going to have some. Plus, it's good on the grill!

Is it too early to talk about Christmas crafts? Unless someone says it is, I hope to be back soon with a picture of a little ornament I knit with left-over sock yarn. And maybe a library bag, if I can ever get everything else done so that I have a moment to sew!

I keep hearing how great my team is doing, although they lost tonight. I haven't had time to sit and watch a game, lately. I'm glad to see they've gotten out of the bottom of the division, at least.
Tomorrow, the schedule is: post office, swimming lessons, housework, and a friend over for dinner. People often ask how I have time for quilting / knitting. I say, "Ignore the laundry." Just kidding, Dear.


audreypawdrey said...

Your garden is looking great! Just think of all the fresh vegetables you are going to have with all of that goodness coming in. I am glad to see that you planted some of the same things I did because this is the first season I have tried to really plant things in this zone.

It is definitely not to early for Christmas presents! I am going to start mine soon. I am hoping to get most of them finished before Sept.; although, we will see how far that actually goes. Share your stuff!

Thimbleanna said...

You know, it happens every year about this time. Someone on the blogs says the "C" word. It's way too early to talk about it, but it's never too early to show the gifties you're making for it. ;-) Your rose is gorgeous!