Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Goodbye March

>>Warning: creepy-crawly picture below.  (I believe I was previously asked to give fair warning.) <<

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the baseball gloves!  I feel like I have only been on here lately to wish the new month hello and the old month goodbye.  We've been busy! 

BFJ took this week off, he'd requested it a month ago, and then as it turned out, his parents moved from two blocks away to two hours away so we've been helping them move.  Today we spent some time exploring the shopping district of their new town and my mother-in-law and I discovered they have a quilt shop, yarn store, bead store and scrapbook store.  What more do you need? 
Flowers at the new house: 

Yesterday, I came home from the closer house, tired but inspired to get some of my own projects done before I someday-move and wonder why I never got anything done.  Therefore, I spent the afternoon in my shed "puttering around" as some of my family would say, but I felt good about gaining a foothold on some ideas.  Hopefully I'll have more to show on those later.  In between moving, we've been working on our yard.  What was once a garden: 

early spring 2010

will hopefully one day be grass and more greenery, less neighbors' clutter.

...oops, I must have deleted the in-progress picture.  But I'll tell you, I've made good use of bad yarn as a makeshift fence to keep dogs and boys off the one-day-grass.  As previously mentioned, we removed a short sidewalk that dated back to trash-burning days, and we also removed a swing from one of our trees.  The swing-users were preventing grass from growing around the tree.  We seeded about half of our back yard.  We've had pretty good results with grass seed so fingers crossed.   

Last week we had a birthday dinner and a little birthday gathering. The theme of the week was "bugs" and we borrowed a bug-type creature from someone at church for a couple of days.  If you didn't know, adult scorpions have an irridescent characteristic to their shells, and glow under black lights (the black light came with the creature) but we didn't leave it on too long.  It is not good for them.  

Of course I've been sewing and knitting, and trying to finalize my baseball glove pattern, as well as other projects!  I hope you're all enjoying Spring and getting your projects underway!


Thimbleanna said...

Hahaha! Thank you for the warning, I was able to finish chewing the lunch that was in my mouth before I proceeded. Therefore, my keyboard survived to type this comment.

He might be creepy, but he is beautiful. I wouldn't want him hanging out though -- might have to leave that black light on for good! ;-)

Nana said...

Your pictures are so gorgeous - from the beautiful white snow to the vibrant blues and violet. And always special to read your latest projects and news! Happy Easter!

Larissa said...

Oh, puttering is my all time favorite thing to do too - so many ideas come when you take a moment for yourself. hope you get your yard the way you want it. i'm the opposite - i do not love my house and have been looking to move for three years now so i don't mind if my kiddos or pets destroy grass or make a mess. Cool scorpion - i love bugs - sounds like a fun birthday party. Enjoy your spring weekend!

brigette said...

when my son was stationed in iraq they had a *pet* scorpion and they would feed it other things they caught.