Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March is Here

Nineteen days until Spring!  We checked our seeds yesterday and they all had sprouts so hurray! that will save me a little money on the gardening project.  Here are the marigolds: 

Unfortunately, there was also a lot of mold growing in the little seed checking packets so I threw them all away.  The only ones that didn't have any sprouts were the nasturtiums but I suspect they needed a little more time; their seed coat is a lot harder than most of the ones we were trying. 

It is nice and sunny here today, and should be for a couple of days.  I wish it weren't soggy and muddy out, I am just in the mood to go out and do some garden prep work.  And we have a lot this year.  Yesterday, the boys and I went to a couple of our local garden center / nurseries to see what's going on.  There was not a lot to look at but it was nice to see they are getting things started in their greenhouses.  We saw this interesting plant, or perhaps I should say tree; I have no idea what it is but don't you think Dr. Seuss would have liked it? 


Larissa said...

yay for signs of spring and apparently it's Dr. Suess's birthday this week - my daughter just brought one of his books for show and tell today.

Thimbleanna said...

Dang it -- I knew the name of that plant but I can't remember it! Looks like you're almost ready for spring! We can't plant stuff outside for another two months -- yuck!