Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Happy St. Patrick's Day!  We've had a busy weekend and I didn't get any good green pictures so this will have to do:  sweet potato vine and coleus from last year's summer pots.  Lots of lovely greens!

Thank you all for commenting on your favorite books; lots of great recommendations.  I picked the next book for the book club, Possession by A.S. Byatt.  I've read it before but it's been a long time.  Once, I was discussing books with one of BFJ's best friends and he was listening so intently to me about this book, I couldn't believe it.  Finally he said, "So... no one gets possessed?"  Ha! no wonder; it's not that kind of possession, its about (fictitious) writers.  Anyway, I look forward to exploring all the books that are your favorites.  And I would just like to say that I would have responded to your comments directly but most of the comments did not have return emails.  Although Shawn, I neglected to reply to you.  I'm sorry!  I will!!

The weather here is crazy.  Today and tomorrow we're looking at 70° weather but last weekend and this weekend, snow!  Crazy, but Colorado.  I'm looking forward to baseball season although I'm disappointed that we lost Torrealba; he was one of my favorite Rockies the last few seasons.  Not only a good player, but a great attitude; he was recently traded to the Padres.  I'm actually working on a baseball-related knitting project but I don't have pictures.  More on that later.  

Over the weekend, BFJ told me to go down to the hardware store and buy a double-jack.  (That's miner talk for sledgehammer.)    So I did, and he spent Saturday busting up some cement for me.  We've had a little sidewalk in the middle of our yard that harkins back to the days of incinerators and trash burning, but is now completely unnecessary.  We are going to be seeding the areas of the yard that were previously cement and garden, and will be ripping up some of the other grass to put in a new garden in a sunnier spot!  I trust I'll have many pictures to post over the summer.  

Last night, I went to Marly's house and joined her for a podcast with Chrissy Gardiner.  It was lots of fun, and I actually wanted to talk to Chrissy; I have her book, Toe Up! and it is great.  If you would like to check out this or any of Marly's other podcasts you can find them on her website; top left sidebar.  And while you are there, you can check out Marly's two new hat patterns, with pictures taken by yours truly and modeled by Sisterpants.  I'm surrounded by beautiful and talented women.  Okay, here's a picture for you: 

Pattern:  Ratatouille by Marly Bird, Yarn: Cascade 220, Model: Christy

For today, I will be:
~ making cupcakes to take to Zoom's class.  And then I am going to be
~ talking about "things I learned in school that I use in real life."  Several of the things I thought of actually fall more into the Hobby category, rather than the Job category,  i.e. quilting and knitting math, blog writing, gardening biology.  I finally arrived on the fact that grocery shopping is one of my primary jobs, and I do add up my purchases in my head as I go through the store!  So math it is.
~ finishing some book bags that were going to be 2008 Christmas gifts and will now be 2010 St. Patrick's Day gifts for my kids.  Oh, I was thinking on writing up a little tutorial on that.  Anyone interested? 
~ making "Irish stew" which is not exactly the real deal because I'm using steak instead of lamb.
~ if I have time, I'll be writing up a knitting pattern. 

Well, I'm off to bake cupcakes.  I hope you all have the luck o' the Irish today!


Thimbleanna said...

Beautiful pictures! It's not that you're surrounded by talented women -- I think talented women flock together, so they've rallied around YOU! Sounds like you have a fun and busy day -- have a cupcake for me!

Judy said...

I think hobbies are real life! i would love the book bag tutorial. I am sewing the binding on a quilt now 5 years in the making - just about 2 more hours to go!!!
Don't foprget shopping in the math talk: how much will this be if it 20% off. I don't know how my daughter missed this important concept.

larissa said...

You've reminded me we need to clean up the garden area so that we can plant our better - and bigger veggie garden this year. So cool that you have such talented women nearby - so much fun to get together! You and your sister make a great model/photographer team - does your sister knit? Your stew and cupcakes sound yummy - have a wonderful St Patrick's day!

Deb said...

We had one of those incinerators at our last house, it was still full of burned trash.
I downloaded possession yesterday- I hope to start it soon.

Anonymous said...

Im looking forward to when my boys start school and I can volunteer and bring baked goods! I remember tho when I used to volunteer at northglenn ambulance we would do classroom interviews and tours on the ambulance. The kids were more interested if we got to see people naked and blood and gore. Kids I tell ya! lol