Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More Pictures for Friends

I took some pictures for Marly a couple of months ago, for an article she wrote about an afghan her grandmother made.  They're in the latest issue of Crochet Today!  The article is on page 92.  No photo credit for me, but I know I took 'em!


Stephanie D. said...

What a shame you didn't get credit! Aren't magazines supposed to do that? I'd send a gentle reminder, because credit can lead to more assignments for you!

Anonymous said...

congrats! And I agree with Stephanie, you need the credit!

Thimbleanna said...

No photo credit??? Bad Magazine!!! ;-)

StarSpry said...

Cool! I agree with the others that you should have received your photo credit!!

Marlaina said...

Hum...I asked them to give you credit! I know you got credit in the Inside Crochet Magazine issue #9 though.


Hey, if you want to post a picture you took please feel free. You know where to find them :-)