Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Photos for My Knitting Friends

For my friend Beth, I took some pictures of her new bag.  Isn't this cute?  As of this posting it is not available yet but it will soon be at Knit Picks.  Beth's got a great eye for colorwork, as you can see in all her pieces.  (Just follow the link above to see more of her patterns.)

I swapped Beth pictures for yarn, and I made my mom a hat!  My mom needs a hat that is "not too tight" because she doesn't want Hat Hair when she gets wherever she's going.  Of course, even in the Colorado mountains it is mostly too warm these days for a hat, but you never know when a storm will blow in.  Now she'll be set. 

Pattern: Ratatouille by Marly Bird
Yarn:  purple, Cascade 220 Heathers; brown, Black Water Abbey Worsted in Wheat
Needles:  US#9 Addis, 16" & dpns

As I was walking away from my conversation with Beth, my friend Christie asked how much I charge for pictures.  We got to talking about her Yarn Lover's Lotion and as she told me what she was looking for I knew this was the perfect project for me.  I love still life and macro photography.  As Christie was describing the rustic feel she wanted, an idea was forming in my head.  I was planning to spend the weekend at my parents' in the mountains, which is full of rustic charm, so we made plans to get together before I left town. 

When BFJ and the boys and I pulled up to my parents' house, it was serendipitously perfect light so I jumped out, hauled out my camera and props, spread stuff out and got to work.  My mom helped me some and the boys would wander by, dinner time came and went.  You just can't let those perfect light moments go wasted!  I ended up with lots of shots.  Too many, actually, I am still editing them!  But I had a lot of fun; when the pieces just fall together like that, they are the best shoots.  My mom suggested this nice slice of wood, which may be a bench someday, and you can see my dad's sawbuck in the background of the pictures.  Rustic, yes?

In part, I swapped pictures with Christie for some of her awesome lotion.  It comes in three fragrances, Lavender, Lime Verbena, and TinCup Arts' signature scent.  They are all delicious but I do have a thing for Lavender.  And the cute little tins!  Once they're empty I'm sure I can find a use for the tins.  The Bruise seems to have really taken to the TinCup scent. 

I got up early the next morning and took a few more pictures for good measure. 

If you are interested in some of your own Yarn Lover's Lotion, you can check out their website here.   

More later... I'm dashing off to take more pictures!    


Judy said...

Fabulous photos (as usual). Everything looks so fresh and clean.

Stephanie D. said...

Great photos! I think the first one (for the lotions) is my favorite of the two. Pretty colors, too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful color scheme!

Nana said...

Love the hat - it's great! I'm so excited! Yay! The pics are just wonderful, too!

Glenda said...

Great job! Love the lotion and the bag!!! Although I need to get some of the lime verbena, lavender makes me sneeze! - Glenda

Thimbleanna said...

Gorgeous pictures Karen! I love it that you're swapping your skills for some fun stuff -- what a great idea!!!

StarSpry said...

I love all the photos! Great hat, too :)