Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In the Garden Again

osteospermum, African daisy

Hopefully this guy's harmless.

volunteer sunflower


If you check back to my earlier post, In the Garden, you can see how much things have grown. 

It's been a great year, lots of rain, lots of sun.  Although several of my neighbors have corn taller than I am.  How is that?  You can't see my corn in this picture but it is behind the chicken wire to the left.  I could live without the 100° days.  We've eaten outside a few times, including last Sunday evening.  We celebrated two birthdays, and Sisterpants and Mr. Sisterpants are moving out of state.  Here we are, shifting the table a few feet so no one is sitting in the sun.  I thought this was funny so of course I took a picture instead of helping.  We had waffles, eggs and bacon, fruit and hashbrowns.  Yum! 


Thimbleanna said...

Wow Karen -- you're flower pictures are gorgeous. And you're so cute sitting there in your garden -- what a beautiful garden!!!

Candace said...

Great photos, Karen! How are the onions doing? They're at harvest here right now!

StarSpry said...

Such beautiful pictures! I love your garden :)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Those are some amazing flowers...thanks for share those pics! Gorgeous!!

ranette said...

Beautiful flowers pictures and you look great sitting in your garden :o)

I remember eating outside at my Grandma's house in the summer time....makes me miss Colorado even more! You'd fry if you tried that in Oklahoma...lol