Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I met someone at the wedding I shot who sparked some ideas, and set me on a journey to work on my craft.  Reading Erin's blog posts on her 'wordplay' assignments awhile back stuck with me, and I proposed to a friend that she send me a word every few weeks.  She immediately sent back 'arch.'  I immediately thought of this, which used to be a scary overpass above I-25 in Denver, but is now a lovely footbridge that connects two hip, urban neighborhoods. 

It has been a fun experiment, I have noticed all sorts of things that I pass on a weekly or daily basis that might be 'arch.'  In fact, I think this image might be too easy, but I drive under it every week thinking how great it is and how I should shoot it sometime, and I never have.  Here are some more of my arches: 

Which image do you like the best??


Stephanie D. said...

The first one is awesome! It really caught my eye.

The fourth one is subtle--I had to look twice to see it.

But my favorite is the window photo. I think it's the orderliness of it.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Lovely favourite has to be the second one (the B+W one)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- gorgeous arches Karen. There's absolutely no way I could pick a favorite -- I love them each for different reasons. The rainbow arch is very cool though...not sure I would have spotted that one!

Anonymous said...

Great eye for Arch! Your blog inspires me...:)

ljhoward said...

I love the old door. So much texture.

ranette said...

I love them all Karen, but the old door has that special something for me. Great work!