Monday, November 1, 2010

Costumes: Finally!

Greetings, noble readers.  Your faithful observer spotted this swell and his ladykin, The Honorable Cornelius Trigg and unconventional wife, Duchess Iphegenia Trigg, victorian world travellers, out and about on All Hallows Eve.  The pair were accompanying a trio of small hoodlums brandishing outlandish irons in pursuit of small candied treats, and nary a passerby escaped them.  It may be said that the Hon. Trigg is heard late nights hurling wrenches and insults at a contraption invented for "traveling time" but it's nothing to the scandal of a lady with ink on her fingers, striding around in breeches!

Okay, you might want a little more clarification.  We were steamers!  When I saw How to Train Your Dragon last spring, I was mesmerized by Astrid's terribly knit sweater, and knew I could make one for Halloween.  Over the summer, however, as we've enjoyed looking at steampunk gadgets online, my mind detoured and I thought it would be fun to make a steampunk hat.  We were discussing Halloween plans last week at friends Ed & Steph's house when it came up that Ed had some "timely" accessories so BFJ was coerced into being a steamer as well.  He might not admit it but I think he enjoyed dressing up, and was amused by the guesses of what he was (magician, undertaker...) 

Despite the fact that I've heard several times that you can find adequate welding goggles at "your local hardware store," this is apparently not true.  I went to several, then finally to a welding supply company and had to order them!  I took them apart and painted them, beginning with primer, then brown and black spray paint, and finally gold, and changed the chain over the nose to a strip of leather.  I also painted my compass gold although the bright colors on the face did not lend themselves to the vintage look.  My friend Marly crocheted the lovely blue choker of her own design.  I bought the key for my necklace as part of a ring of keys, and put it instead on a strip of leather.  I also painted a gun but it did not turn out as well as hoped and was more of a nuisance so I mostly did not carry it.  My persona, which was too much for people who didn't even understand "steamer," was that of a cartographer, so I had a cannister (from the odds and ends pile in the basement) with a handdrawn map in it. 

Oh, the blouse!  I purchased it at ARC along with my boots and belt.  You can see its original style here.  I took in the sides, removed the sleeves, recut them and reattached them.  I thought it came out really well!  The only problem is that the cuffs were meant to go around wrists, not arms, so they don't close as they currently are.  I will have to fix that if I wear it again. 

I made the hat using this tutorial from Threadbangers, attached ribbon, feathers from Kristina's wreath, and some wheels from the clock. Originally I put a brooch which belonged to Marie on my hat, but I was asked several times Friday whether I was Amelia and I thought the clockworks would indicate steampunk to those in the know. It did not; perhaps next year I'll have learned to sew well enough to make myself a victorian dress! 

A little too much thought?  Perhaps, but we had a lot of fun, and as I mentioned earlier, we enjoy "making things" around here. 

Oh, I almost forgot, I was working on fingerless gloves for my costume as well, but it became apparent midweek that it was going to be a warm Halloween so it did not stay on the top of the list, and I didn't get the second one done...yet.

Now, Happy November!  I will  be SO GLAD when the politicos stop ringing my phone!!!


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Steve said...

If you can't have a little fun in life, what's the use...!

Nana said...

That's great! You guys really outdid yourselves! I loved your commentary, too!

StarSpry said...

Great job on the costumes! I love all the detail you put into them :)

Anonymous said...

fantastic idea karen!

Larissa said...

you two look awesome! i can only imagine how much fun you had planning and putting these great costumes together. LOVE the mitts - i would play dress up in those every single day!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! That's awesome!!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. I LOVE those goggles!!!

Stephanie D. said...

Wow. I somehow missed the steampunk movement when it came through the first time, but have seen it several times in the past year. And you have captured it so well! That is so very creative, Karen!

You had the clues out there, but I didn't put them together. Great job!

La Mañosa said...

Those are such fantastic costumes!

Too bad about the heat, the armwarmers look great!

Anonymous said...

Nice Costumes