Monday, January 24, 2011


You know those people who have a word for the year? Yeah, I'm one of those people. My word came to me in December, I knew exactly what it was going to be. I even said it out loud on, New Year's Eve, to someone other than my husband. What's my word? contentment

Somewhere, in the first few days of the year, I saw a post about word(s)-of-the-year and everyone left their own word in the comments.  Many people had similar words about striving toward new and great goals, but only one person had one like mine.  Jillayne's word was content.  I commented on Jillayne's blog, and she replied.  And then I realized that I didn't know exactly what I meant by contentment.  In the meantime, I had joined a group on Ravelry based on The Compact, about using what you have instead of buying more, which I thought went right along with my word.  But as everyone was talking about not spending money, I realized that was not my goal at all.  Mind you, the goals of the group are worthy goals, they just weren't what I'd been thinking of.  I wondered, what do I mean?  And simultaneously Jillayne's email made me wonder, what does contentment meant to me?  So I've been pondering, and I've finally come back around to what my original, albeit unspoken, goal was.  I want to find contentment with me.  Oh I've got lots of ways I could improve.  Lots.  But for this year, I am going to work on being happy with who I am, and where I am now.  I am going to stop worrying that I'm getting wrinkles, or that other people have cleaner houses and more disposable income, or jobs with titles and business cards. 

Due to dwindling harddrive memory, I have been going through my 30,000 pictures and moving as much as possible to a secondary harddrive.  I've seen a lot of old pictures of myself, and I realize that (I should probably be a blonde but otherwise,) I'm really okay with who I am.  And while I, like many of you, sometimes cringe when my picture is taken (why didn't I put on make up today?), my kids need to know that I'm content with who I am.  So that's my word. 

October - that's the last time a picture was taken of just me.  Here I am eating a Honeycrisp apple recommended by Candace and I wanted her to know how much I enjoyed it - so much I had to take a picture of me eating it!

Funny, when I started writing a post tonight, I thought it was going to be about the book I'm reading; maybe next time.


dawn said...

i do a word of the year along with my resolutions. :) i think it's a great way to focus my energy. i love that you found yours!

Thimbleanna said...

You're so CUTE! And not a wrinkle in sight LOL! Love your word -- have fun with it!

Steve said...

Philippians 4:11

Kelly said...

Hi Karen! I'm so glad you stopped over at my space. How very ironic...contentment was/is my word for this year too, and my mom asked me what I meant by that...I think you described what I'm looking for perfectly...contentment with myself and where I am in my life.

Kristina said...

Never got around to commenting on this - probably because I was trying to figure out my own word to share but could never decide on one. Still can't. But I just wanted to comment that I love your word, I love you, and I too love a honeycrisp apple (why are we just now discovering those?!)