Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Photo Scavenger Hunt: October

2356 graffitti

0202 a black cat
black cat

She'll sit all evening next to BFJ but try to catch her outside with good lighting and she runs around the yard.  Finally I caught her between a screen and a dirty window!  I like it, though.

2255 heritage

Hand written notes in the end pages of my grandfather's Bible.  It is currently being rebound for my uncle by Denver Bookbinding, and they are keeping all the end pages. 

7302 candlelit

In a candleholder my dad made.

9848 crunchy leaves
crunchy leaves

0929 fog/mist

Since I don't live near much water that would lead to fog or mist, I had to settle for foggy car windows. 

0376 golden

9769 a pumpkin

The white, the gold colored ones, and the little oranges in the foreground are all from our garden!

1111 something eerie or creepy
something eerie or creepy

I ran into Frank the Rabbit (from Donnie Darko; I still don't understand that movie) at the end of a haunted house for kids.  None of the creatures jumped out, which I guess was the kid part.  Personally, I found the silent watching more unnerving!

1131 sunset

I failed to capture 'river' and 'witch's hat/broomstick.'  I searched through my four years and 23,000+ pictures for a river of any kind and did not find one!  We have creeks around here.   No witches either.


Thimbleanna said...

Oh, you good girl! I LOVE the fog/mist -- I think that's the one that really had me stumped. Love that leaf too -- stunning. And the cat. And the heritage. All of them!!!

Deb said...

loved all your photos, nicely done!

Stephanie D. said...

As usual, I love all the photos. I don't know how you can make a crunchy brown leaf look so appealing.

StarSpry said...

Beautiful photos, Karen! I love them all; well,except for the creepy's really creepy :)

Nana said...

You certainly captured autumn!! Great pictures!

Shawn said...

You have an amazing talent for photography Karen, gorgeous photos!!

Candace said...

They're all so beautiful, Karen! How wonderful that you have your grandfather's bible - and such lovely words he wrote! Your pumpkins did much better than ours - I have pumpkin envy!

Miss Jean said...

Just beautiful!!!!

meijo's JOY said...

What a beautiful blog - love all the photos!