Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hello June

This school year just zipped by.  Really, I can't believe how fast it's gone.  I suppose that means I really have been too busy.  We're three or so days into summer break and I'm happy to say we've already done some out-of-the-ordinary things.  On Sunday, we went downtown to the People's Fair and also to the Chalk Arts Festival.  I love being downtown with BFJ, it's where we met and spent many fun lunch hours in our youth, exploring the city.  I also love taking the boys to see new things, including people.  We took a break in the shade next to a girl with beautiful blue hair.  I should have taken a picture.  Instead, here are a few pictures of the chalk work.

IMG_1798 IMG_1779

I overheard one of the artists say that they had 2/3 of their picture done on Saturday, and 2/3 was washed away by the rain that night, so everyone had to start over on Sunday.  I didn't take as many pictures as I did last year, but you can check out my whole set on Flickr

Saturday was wonderful, as well.  I went to a brunch with some friends in the morning.  I intended that we would go downtown on Saturday afternoon, but it was cool and blustery so we stayed home.  Instead, I finished some knitting, and BFJ took some pictures for me of my recent projects.  Want to see?

F L U T T E R   S C A R F

1721 Flutter Scarf

Well, I actually called mine 'a line of greens and blues' because when I look at it, it reminds me of a Mr. Big song.  Despite the fact that my husband says this song is not his favorite Mr. Big song, it reminds me that I ended up with the right guy for me, and not the wrong guy.  I was dating the wrong guy when I met BFJ.  It clearly should be his favorite Mr. Big song, don't you think? 

Pattern:  Flutter Scarf by Miriam Felton
Yarn:  Wolle's Yarn Creations Color Changing Cotton, 100 gr. in New Harmony colorway.  I love all the interesting color combinations she has! 
Needles:  US 3 Addi Lace
More details are on my Rav page here.


1700 Smocked Hat

Pattern:  Frederica Beret by Lisa R. Myers
Yarn:  Cascade 220 Wool, from stash
Needles:  US 6, 7, and 8.
Rav project here.

I knitted this up just for some instant gratification.  Found it in my favorites and it was free, so thought why not.  I love this hat!  I think I would be wearing it tons if it were not almost summer, and 90 degrees out.  This pattern is FREE, knitters, go check it out.

More from Stitches South, my friend Terrie, and tree removal as I get a chance to post.  In the meantime, Friday I'll tell you about a fun yarn contest I'm involved in!  


Susan said...

Gosh karen! That scarf is beautiful! I think i may have to make one as well! Is it self changing color? I love it! The hat is super cute too. So glad you ended up staying home and knitting :)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

That chalk festival looks amazing...what a treat.

Just love that scarf...so pretty :-)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- the chalk festival looks really wonderful -- so sad that some of it was washed away. And your scarf and hat are both gorgeous -- thanks so much for the hat link!

Candace said...

Gosh - there are some incredibly talented artists working in chalk, Karen! I also know an incredibly talented knitter whose work is beautiful! The scarf and the hat are so cute on you - BFJ took some great photos!

StarSpry said...

Those chalk drawings are pretty amazing! It's too bad they had to redo them because of the rain.

I love your flutter scarf and smocked hat! Lovely projects :)

Sam said...

The hat and scarf are gorgeous. I need to go fave those patterns. Loving that yarn in the scarf in particular.