Thursday, May 1, 2014

off the needles

I recently finished this shawl... for myself.  This yarn languished more than a year in my stash, as I contemplated whether I should write a pattern for it.  I go to all these yarn shows, wearing store-bought sweaters and my favorite hoodie; I'm a great knitter, and I looked like a scrub.  So in the end, I decided knitting it and wearing it was more of a priority than being able to say I designed it myself.  

Yarn:  Pure Qiviut from Windy Valley Muskox, 3-ish skeins of Red Valor, one skein of Scarlet
Pattern:  NoFa Shawl from La Maison Rililie - great pattern, easy to follow.
Mods:  I did modify the striping sequence because I did not know for sure how much qiviut I had, and I wanted to use it ALL!  

I think I finished this last week, but hadn't taken time to block it, which made me sad every time I went somewhere and thought, "I could be wearing my shawl if I'd block it already!!"  This week, I did finish a sample knit, as well as a sweater that was commissioned, and will NEVER be posted on my blog.  What we do for friends. 

I also planted a lilac this week!  Maybe it's time for a new header picture...  


Candace said...

It looks to be just gorgeous, Karen! Sometimes the projects we let languish in the background turn out to be our favs! I agree - lets seem some spring flowers - no more snow is my motto!

Nana said...

Beautiful shawl! Love to see you in a picture wearing it!

Thimbleanna said...

It's beautiful Karen! I'm with Nana -- would love to see a picture of you wearing it. I started scrolling through your pictures and saw some of your NYC shots -- did you manage to make it to any of the BIG camera stores?