Monday, July 18, 2016

hot air balloon rodeo, Steamboat Springs

We decided to track down a hot air balloon festival this summer, and spent the weekend in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  This beautiful little town has good food, beautiful hikes, friendly locals, and a yarn shop!  What more could you ask for??  

We watched balloons from sunrise to sundown, seriously.  I am going to mostly let the pictures do the talking but wanted to point out two things.  The "rodeo" portion of this festival is when the balloon pilots attempt to touch down on the surface of the lake.  I think most of them managed it without any problems.  You can see the yellow balloon with the flowers is still dripping as it rises.  Also, out of twelve hand-painted balloons in the world, there are two in this crowd!  They are the circus balloon and the cowboys.  

To see more, including a time-lapse video (my first attempt at that,) you can check out the whole set here.  


Thimbleanna said...

WOW! How fun is that??? Your photos are gorgeous and it looks like a fantastic day!!!

Nana said...

I love all the colors - the photos are amazing! I'm glad it was such a good time for your family!