Saturday, February 3, 2018

still life & collections

I have been admiring the work of Luiz L. on Flickr, and decided I should do more still life.  What holds me back is that, while I have a lovely morning window, I don't have a surface or background that I find pleasing.  Not one nearby, or that would work for constant rearranging.  I love the warm tones of Luiz's table, and think perhaps this spring or summer I will have to build myself a little photo prop surface.  

In the meantime, I purchased a fancy piece of paper at my favorite art supply store, with the idea that I would use it for a "wallpaper" background.  A few days later, I collected a few items for a still life to experiment a bit.  Eventually switching to a stack of tea cups, I removed the flowers, books, etc.  In spite of the very busy patterns, I ended up with an image that I think has a good flow of shapes, lines and colors.  

I collect tea cups - although it's been a while since I've added to the collection.  I do love a good collection, and think I should seek out a few to photograph this spring.  Do you collect anything, or know of an unusual collection? 


Stephanie D said...

Very nice! I think the blurring of the background helps keep the patterns from being too busy together.

I've collected hot air balloon items, Cherry Ames books, Stephen King books, miniatures for a printer's drawer, and antique oil/hurricane lamps, but I stopped all but the books. Oh, and milk glass, starting at age 15. But as I get older, I have thought about how difficult it will be for my daughter, as an only child, to go through all of our things when her dad and I die, or have to be placed in a nursing home.

Some of the things, she will want, and some I'd like to save until the grandbaby gets older, if possible, in case she wants something from me. But with the current minimalism trend, and tiny house popularity, the younger people are not into collections any more, so I am slowly donating or gifting the things I can live without. I have six boxes of milk glass that I have no room to display, and hubby doesn't want to eat from, so I will sift through those, pick out my favorite pieces, and take the rest to a consignment store.

Maybe I'll take photos of my collections, as you have, to remember them and to show my granddaughter, some day, who I was.

Thimble Anna said...

Oooh, that's beautiful! Very Well Done! I collect those little Halcyon boxes. Not sure how I would photograph them -- they wouldn't look good stacked LOL. And oh, how I can identify with what Stephanie said. I do so worry about burdening our children with our "stuff" - but, yet, I can't bear to part with it... what to do, what to do ...