Saturday, August 2, 2008


As if the broken arm wasn't enough for one summer, Speed split his chin open last night at our Care and Connect picnic, a good half inch wide. I was going to take him to the hospital for stitches, but there was a nurse in our group and she fix him up. Good thing! I was not looking forward to several more hours in the ER.

Today is Shop Hop day in the Metro area. I'm going out with a new friend and keeping my eyes open for red, white, and blue fabrics. Or cherries. I can't resist cherries.


Nana said...

I love your red! You always liked red! Your pictures are wonderful! I love cherries, too, the dark red bing cherries. Hang in there, Speed!!!

Sara said...

Have fun on your shop hop! I love the shed in the previous post. Its always good to shop hop and find great fabric! I also give you a blog award...see my blog for your award!

brigette said...

beautiful picture! where on earth did you get that darling bowl?

Karen said...

Brigette, Thanks! I got a set of four from Williams-Sonoma after Christmas.

Thimbleanna said...

Those cherries look awesome! I love that little bowl -- I bought my Dad those for his cereal last year -- now I wish I'd bought me some too.!

quiltmom said...

HI Karen
I also love red and blue and pink and purple and green and ...I think you get the picture.. I hope you had a fun shop hop-

I don't know if you like cherry quilts but if you do - Kim at Kim's Big Quilting Adventure was making a cherry quilt ( you will have to back into her older postings May or June I think)- there also was a cherry quilt in one of the recent Fons and Porter magazines - I think the July/August issue.

Happy Quilting.
Regards from A Western Canadian Quilter