Sunday, August 31, 2008

A Grand Day Out

BFJ suggested a few days ago that we spend Saturday at Estes Park. On our way there, we had to stop at my favorite quilt shop, Quilting Hands, in Lyons. They've moved, for anyone (like me) who hasn't been there since last summer.
As we entered Estes Park , there were three elk with velvety antlers by the side of the road. I got a couple of pictures of them as we were stopped at a traffic light but they are standing in front of the power plant and it just looks wrong. We passed the water wheel, and many fun shops as we walked through town. If you take little boys, a must-stop shop is the Ore Cart, where you can buy lots of shiny rocks. Luckily, everyboy had earned some spending money this week!

There are lots of goodies shops: cookies, candies, etc. I can't recommend this shop (above) as a kid cannot try the Colorado Pebbles without buying 1/4 pound, and that is more money than a seven-year-old has! Sad.

We saw lots of cute ornaments and Christmas decorations; lots of neat Jim Shore stuff, and many fun things for the home. BFJ was hoping for some Halloween figures but we didn't see much. The flowers were also nice, all over town. I love this picture (below), how you can see the blue door through the flower!

On our way out of town, we dropped in on Aunt Banana (yes, she knows we call her that) and Uncle Rich, who were conveniently home. Don't you like people who accept drop-in guests? (Don't you like it when people like you so much that they stop at your house the moment they realize they are nearby, even if they haven't had a chance to call you? I do.) They told us about their most recent neighbor, a bear, who luckily has not damaged anything, despite wandering by on a daily basis. I am glad we did not see him as the boys explored the cave, and other death-defying rocks. Aunt Banana got out some neat toys while we were there, too.

To top it all off, we got home early enough for me to cut out some pieces for a new quilt project. I have been collecting blue and yellow fabric for years, and haven't gotten around to making even a block. Since I acquired a new fq for this project, I finally got around to getting something started. I'll show you a finished block sometime soon.

For now, off to church! I hope you are enjoying your long weekend!


Karen said...

Aunt Banana! How did that name come about?
Those Colorado pebbles look yummy. What a fun day and a quilt shop thrown in to boot.
I collected blue & yellow fabrics for ages but gave away everything I made with it.

Sara said...

That sounds like a wonderful day! All those great pictures! My J would have loved the rocks (he collects them).
I can't wait to see the newest project!