Thursday, August 28, 2008

Moving Along

squash blossom
Life is moving along; we are getting used to the school routine pretty well. Zoom's teacher sent home a letter explaining homework grades - a 3 for "met expectations," a 4 for "exceeded expectations." She must have explained this pretty well in class, he has made an effort most afternoons to do extra work. This usually amounts to random math sentences written on the back of the paper, but he wants a 4. I am so glad he's enjoying it. May God bless Mrs. Miller real good.

impromptu nap

We have several pumpkins, one that's huge (for us), which is a volunteer, of course. Maybe it will be a jack-o-lantern in a couple months. My cinderella pumpkin seems to have stalled out and there are no ridges at this point, but I guess it would make an interesting addition to the fall mantle. We still have lots of annuals, like the verbena above.

Last night, we had roasted chicken with lots of herbs from the garden, and corn on the cob with Lime-Chive Butter. Mmmmm! Don't you want to have Lime-Chive Butter on your corn? It's easy. Just let a stick of butter soften, then mix in about half a lime's worth of juice, and some finely chopped chives. Then if you want it to look nice, you can put it in fancy little bowl and chill it. Sometimes I add basil; I like basil, and have lime basil growing in my garden this year. You can also add salt and pepper, but I leave that out since we have different levels of preference. The lime adds a splash of summer freshness. I must warn you, though, it will make plain butter seem... plain.

after-homework activities

Our company is leaving today. Uncle Burl is doing well and will be transferred back to Montana next week, and we have an invitation to come for a visit sometime.

Today is Picture Day. I didn't order any. I feel sheepish, those people must think I don't care a lick for my handsome young boys. The truth is, I can take better pictures for a lot less money! I did order pictures the first year, and got about 8 or 10, for $20 or so, and we gave one to each set of grandparents. I suppose I should walk to school with my camera today and get some nice shots in the park. I DID make them dress up because they'll be in the yearbook, anyway.

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