Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Trixie (as in Speed Racer) and Stitch (as in per inch)


My kitten walks on velvet feet
And makes no sound at all;
And in the doorway nightly sits
To watch the darkness fall.

I think he loves the lady, Night,
And feels akin to her
Whose footsteps are as still as his,
Whose touch as soft as fur.
Lois Weakley McKay

... a childhood favorite from The How and Why Library. Thank goodness my parents moved last year and sent this book my way. Otherwise, I would have just the first line running through my head forever!

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quiltmom said...

I have another Kitty poem for you from a book by Dennis Lee- I think it is in Jelly Belly but it might be in Alligator Pie. He is a Canadian Children's poet and writes some funny poems.

The poem starts :
The kitty ran up the tree,
The kitty ran up the tree,
His nose went down and his nose went down ,
The kitty ran up the tree.

The rest of it I can't remember and I am not sure if I have that part correct..
Anyway if you are not familar with him, check out Dennis Lee.