Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Old Man is Snoring

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions about the wool quilt. I do want to clean it. I'll let you know when I have some results. Wouldn't it be neat as part of the background for a fall family photo!

It's still raining here. We had an inch yesterday, and so far an inch and a half, today. I hope my garden can take it. I did have a lovely fungus growing in the kids' patch this week, which I dug out. Perhaps all this moisture will bring more interesting growth.

On the quilt front, I am working on a bunch of brown sawtooth stars. All the flying geese patches are done, so on to the easier steps. I hope to get all the blocks done by tomorrow night.

Well, I'm off to rescue the fellas. They all went on a walk to Grandpa's and are now stuck in the rain!


Caryn said...

I like your sawtooth stars. We've been lucky here - thunderstorms almost every day but they pass quickly and the rest of the day has been sunny.

Sara said...

I just love browns! They are such a great neutral, and those stars look awesome!