Sunday, August 24, 2008

Swept Away

I was given a blue papier-mâché hat to decorate for a church project. I made a couple of yo-yos, found a button, made a band. I love crafty stuff, even something little. I am looking forward to some holiday projects.

We've had a packed weekend, including a marginal softball practice. I don't know if I'll stay on the team, I am due to have a conflict in a couple of weeks (beginning knitting.) If you know me personally, you may have to take a minute to get over the shock that I play team sports. I am a woman of many talents, some just shine brighter than others.

My weekend just swept away. I am looking forward to Monday routine. The weather is getting nice around here: warm enough during the day to keep the veggies growing, cool enough at night to snuggle up in quilts, if you are lucky enough to have one. I don't, but BFJ shares his with me. (Well, I did make it.) I made several little quilts before I ever got to one big enough for me to snuggle under while I stitched. I don't know if it's the physical quilt or the love it's made with, but there really is something about a quilt that just makes you feel secure.

This evening, I had dinner with my family, including Zoom and the Bruise. BFJ stayed home with Speed, who was not feeling well.

Story time at our house...

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Karen said...

Those yo-yo's make such cute decorations. They just aren't my favorite thing to make, though.