Monday, October 27, 2008

Back to the current month...

I've made it out of the fog I was in. Thank you for all of your well-wishes. We have plenty of time to discuss Christmas gifts later, right? Here are some October treats for you.

My boys went to a birthday/costume party while I was wallowing in the mire of illness, so I have a Halloween night preview for you:

Besides the fact that I love her quilts, I enjoy reading quilter Nicole's blog (Sister's Choice Quilts) because of her family's enthusiastic participation in things. Here are some
pictures of their annual Halloween party, which took place over the weekend. If you go back to her archives, October 2007, you can see pictures from last year, and my favorite is her son-in-law dressed as Edward Scissorhands.

As for my family, my brother has gone all out for costumes the last several years. We should all be so fun! It reminds me of the Walgreens commercial where the trash man, the guy in the elevator, everyone is dressed up. I tried to find that for you, but no luck. Here is a picture of my brother from last year. Guess who he was?

I tried to find a picture of my brother from 2006 but that was pre-digital camera. That year, he was Dog the Bounty Hunter. He stopped by our house on his way to work to have BFJ draw on some Sharpie tattoos. He had a wig, Kevlar vest, black pants, badge, etc.; he looked pretty convincing. I wish I could show you! I guess I need to sort out my pre-dig. pictures. This year, he has a pretty good costume planned. If I happen to see him that day, I'll try to get a picture!

Last year, I was a cowgirl. It was what I had, you know. This year, I was hoping to make myself a costume but time ticks away, and I haven't gotten to it. I guess I'll just throw on the black and orange stuff and some fake eyelashes.

Have you ever seen Mean Girls? I thought the best scene was when Cady, the main character, showed up for the Halloween party. All the girls looked kind of tarty, but she showed up to scare. Kind of like the saying, Dance like no one's watching; like Phoebe, enjoying her run. My sister-in-law found a kooky hat and told me she was going to make it her vacuuming hat. I don't know if she did; but we should all enjoy life so!


Kristina said...

I have a box full of costumes if you need something. I was going to be something political but decided I've had enough political stuff lately! I didn't know what D was last year -- fun! I'm looking forward to seeing what he comes up with this year.

Candace said...

Oh...Tom Selleck is my idol...and Dog - well done I must say! Your family is having wayyy too much fun! I hope we get to see you dressed up Karen! Cheers!