Friday, October 3, 2008

Go Rockies! (Next Year)

I am a big baseball fan, but after the heartbreak of the last World Series, I haven't watched as much this year. I know, I know; you could argue that the Rockies weren't really World-Series-worthy, and there is the home plate debacle, but come on. Not even one game? As the second game was winding up, our Yankee friends had the nerve to say, "Don't feel bad. Being first in your league is like being tenth in our league."

GASP! Nothing like kickin' a girl when she's down.
But I don't hold it against them. Really. I swear. And by the way, if that's true, I blame the DH.

I've known since early spring that there wasn't going to be a repeat League win for our team this year, and anyone could see that the Cubs were going to make it to the post season. Despite rooting against them at Coors Field this spring, I've been planning to root for them to go all the way. Wouldn't that be great if the Cubs played the White Sox in the World Series? If the Red Sox can overcome the
Bambino, isn't it time the Cubs overcame the goat? But the Cubs are down two games. Can they make it back?

While you ponder these deep mysteries, here is a baseball quilt for you.

I made it a few years ago for the first born of the aforementioned Yanks. They've done us many kindnesses over the years, and I wanted to make them a quilt. When I saw this MLB fabric, I bought a couple of yards. (I know what happens when you see the perfect fabric and don't buy it. And PS, I hear that the MLB is very stingy with is trademarks and copyrights. I guess that's why it is so hard to find MLB fabric.) It took me forever to find a compatible quilt pattern, and by then, they were expecting a little bundle of joy, so I made it his size.

It is a Trip Around the World with a Snowball in the center. It's a baseball diamond, get it? I used tickets (from the fabric) for all the American League teams, in order of year of affiliation, and then since the AL only has 14 teams, I had to add two NL teams. I added the Rockies (he was born in Colorado, after all) and the Mets, because being New Yorkers, the Mets rank above most other NL teams for them anyway. The other fabrics are red and blue, the NYY colors; personally, I would have said blue and gray, but BFJ said blue and red. Hmm. Well, it matches the NYY block, and if I did it wrong, they were kind enough to overlook it. Then, green for grass, woodgrain for the bats; hand-stitched lacing on the baseball. And finally, since I'm just tooting my little horn anyway, there is a label on the back with name and date, etc. but also who won The Series the year my little friend was born, and the Yankee team leaders of batting average, etc. Boy did I learn a lot about baseball that year, looking up all the AL teams, and so on. It really bolstered my interest in America's Game.

By the way, that is one of my own little munchkins holding the quilt. (I know, Matt, don't faint) and I have to smile every time I see this picture; what an outfit.

Now, pick a team and root for someone!


Candace said...

Too cute, Karen! Here is a great link for sports fabric in case you want to make another
They always have a hard to find Bunny in the Fab Shop Hop, so I've become very familiar with what they have (hee, hee). Cheers!

DanDMan said...

And how are those Yankees doing this year?? Hmmmm.... That's a little embarrassing

Stephanie D. said...

How cute! I like the description of the label--very creative!