Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Miscellaneous Notices

I hope you are planning to vote this year. Not everyone gets to vote for their leaders. We do! BFJ and I both got to the early polling. I appreciated this particular right of mine more after having seen Iron Jawed Angels this past summer.

We had fun raking up the leaves last night, and jumping in them. We put up a few more seasonal items in the yard - all homegrown, pumpkins and cornstalks.

Last night, my sister stopped by to pick up some stuff and drop something off, and I gave her the hat I knitted for her. I knew it might be a little short; I warned her. I had showed BFJ. However, when she got it on, she and BFJ thought it was hilariously short, and they both had to try it on and giggle about it. So here, you can giggle too. In my defense, I made it without a pattern, and I've been knitting for four weeks. Obviously, I haven't figured out how much a stitch will cover, but I will. (Perhaps BFJ just has an inhumanly large noggin.)

So what did my sister bring me? A birthday gift from last December. I was just trying to figure out how to fit these into my budget; I had just gotten a notice about them yesterday. (Last chance to order!) When she went to order them last year, they were out of season. Now's just the the time to plant for spring!

IF you happen to need a bath-water-level inspector, I've got two, and can lend one at a good price:

And by the way, I am still a quilter. I'm loving pink and brown, ever since I stumbled across the In the Pink line from Henry Glass last year. (You can only get In the Pink II, now). I am working on a quilt for a little friend, and I am stuck. It is a Grandmother's Fan, four blocks together so it's kind of a flower. Now do I put the "center" on each block, and then sew them together? Or should I sew them together and then put in one big center circle? Decisions, decisions.


audreypawdrey said...

I love the hat! I can't believe you learned how to knit so quickly. I don't know how to do fan blocks, though...;)

Candace said...

That tulip is amazing, Karen, and just in time for planting! I love your water-level checkers - mine accidentally fell in one year when I was in the tub - hilarious!
For the block - here is a link: I've also seen it done with the circle sewn on last as an applique. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

For the record... "the ridicule of the green hat" was really not about the hat, but about the size of my HUGE head... Also, for the record, I liked the hat so much that I was really bummed it didn't fit. Man, make me sound like a jerk...