Friday, October 24, 2008

Pomp and Circumstance

Here's a picture of our knitting class, with the hats we made. We all graduated! It was so fun to meet other women who knit, and sit and visit. And learn all sorts of things about knitting. Marly is a great teacher, and if you want to find out more about her, she's all over the web, and published! It was great to have a young, hip teacher. She is on top of the new techniques and technology. Most of the ladies from the class are moving on to other knitting and crochet classes with her. As for me, this class was a big splurge (and well worth it), but I hope to see all these ladies regularly.

I have been sick, and losing my voice on and off over the past week. I guess I was just too stressed out about the surgery, but now I am going to get past it. As soon as this cold is gone.

Last night, BFJ and I watched Lord of the Gourds. What a bunch of fanatics! This afternoon, I have discovered that we left our own pumpkins out on the woodchopping stump too long. All the green ones are squishy. I knew they should have gotten moved to the garage, but I have been too busy being sick and miserable to worry about it. BFJ says that now he empathizes with those people losing their giant pumpkins. Hmmmmm.
PS: Go Phillies!


Candace said...

Cute picture of your group, Karen! Congratulations on a great finish! Sure hope you feel better soon! Cheers!

audreypawdrey said...

Very cool! I am impressed with all that you have finished so quickly.

Sara said...

What a great picture of your knitting group! Those hats are great! Hope you are feeling better!

Go Rays!