Monday, October 20, 2008


Here are most of the pumpkins from our yard, there are a handful that didn't fit on the stump!


Stephanie D. said...

Wow, what a harvest! I'm hoping to have a lasagna garden next year with a few pumpkins! I'm going to save the seeds from the "ugly" pumpkins I bought in hopes they'll breed more uglies for Halloween!

quiltmom said...

great pumpkins Karen,

Will you use them to decorate for
Halloween? Do you cook them or do just eat the seeds?
I bet your kids love them and have some great jack olantern faces planned for them.
We have an area that is North of us that grow huge pumpkins - 6 to 8 hundred pound ones- they need tractors to load and move them.
check out this article if you would like to see how big they actually can grow..
Hope you are having fun with your pumpkins.

Sara said...

Great harvest! We only got about a dozen small ones and 1 large one! Much better than ours turned out!

MARCIE said...

Don't you just love being able to reap a harvest from your own yard?! Great photo and cute pumpkins! Hope you are all doing well!