Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thanks! and Other Things I've Been Meaning to Say

Awhile back, I wrote about my great-aunt and a cousin who stayed with us. Today, we got a package in the mail. Shirts for everyone and some Montana goodies. Isn't that nice?

I am also belated in my thanks to Candace.
I won the "name the bike" contest, and Candace sent me a packet of Moda swatches. I am going to make a basket with them, thank you, Candace. I sent her a little thank you in return. When I know she's gotten it, I'll show you what it was. She said she'd like to be surprised.

Also, one of my sister-in-laws read about my knitting and sent along a little bag of knitting goodies, last time I saw my brother. Wasn't that nice? Thanks, Natalie.

Alas! still no picture of the latest hat. I will have to get one of those soon. At our knitting class last night, we talked about blocking. I don't want to block my knitting. In fact, I throw all - yes, all - of my quilting in the washing machine. But our knitting teacher said, "It's the difference between your stuff looking homemade and looking professional." Okay, I guess I'll have to do it.

Hmm. What else was I going to tell you? Oh yes. I have been faithfully replying to every comment I get. Then I realized I have been replying most of the time to "no-reply at blogger." So I apologize if I seem aloof. It was not my intention.


Linda Bylsma said...

I love your site! And your package from Montana looks just like the ones we get periodically from my sister-in-law from Billings.
Candace is my dear friend, and I'm quite upset she didn't pick my name, Pedal Pushing Prudence, but then there would have been conflict of interest, right? We have known each other since we were 12, and our parents knew each other as kids.
So, long story short. Love it.

Candace said...

Karen, I'm so surprised to see that my friend, Linda commented! Small world. I was going to say we picked up some of those Montana goodies last year in Missoula! Seems we all get around, huh! Can't wait for your goody! Cheers!

MARCIE said...

Doesn't that "no reply blogger" just drive you nuts? You get all ready to write and then realize it isn't going anywhere! I love all your fall pictures, including dad in the cornfield! I'm sorry you burned last years mantle decor, it sounds cool. But this years looks great!